Need Some New Small Appliances?

Let me show you how to get some shiny new small appliances with very little effort…

Kevin has been complaining since day 2 about the lack of variety this challenge presents. I think it’s a preemptive complaint, so far, I have managed to make delicious dinners every day and we usually eat the leftovers for lunch the next day. The only boring thing to me is the hotels breakfast buffet, poached eggs, salad and a bit of fruit. Every. Single. Day.

Beef stew, chicken cacciatore (which was more like chicken veg stew), fajita bowls with guacamole, and the last post -beef and broccoli …I would say that’s not bad Jaime, way to go…. but not Kevin. Kevin said on day 2, ‘stew everyday?’ Not to make him sound like a total ingrate but if you know my husband, you know his biggest non-person love is food.

So this brings me to ‘how to get your husband to buy you shiny new kitchen appliances with very little effort.’ He is currently watching YouTube reviews on table top griddles. He said the only way we will get through this month is if we have some sort of BBQ style cooking available. I don’t disagree and whole heartily encourage this type of thinking.

On Whole30 you start dreaming about food, sometimes things you don’t really even like and I can honestly say I want my grilled steak dreams to come true. Not to mention the grilled veg which in my opinion is one of the best ways to eat veggies.

This Cuisinart Griddler is the one he is considering! Yes please!

So there you have it. If you need new kitchen gear, make the same dish over and over. Not that it even came close in my case, this purchase is clearly Kevin in panic mode.

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