Our Challenging Day Six

So far our first 5 days have consisted of staying close to our hotel room, our carefully selected groceries, the pool for a bit of exercise….but before we knew we were doing the Whole30 challenge we bought tickets to Ocean Park. We were nervous. What would happen so far away from the safety of my home cooking? Would we smell the delicious smells of a theme park and crack? I know KILL EVERYTHING day was yesterday but what if that is just an estimate time frame of when you will go off the rails and start swinging?

After months of shut down Ocean Park was open again as cases of Covid-19 have remained very low for over a month here in Hong Kong. At 25% capacity only to allow for social distancing, we were expecting to breeze through this theme park without lines or crowds. Or stress.

Turns out that they also closed every 4th seat on rides and closed them every hour to clean everything. So the lines happened. But the worst part was the one super healthy, probably as-close-to-whole30-friendly you can find in a theme park had a 2 hour wait for a table. They were only letting in 16 tables at a time.

So I threw another handful if macadamia nuts into my mouth and waited until 2pm for lunch. Breakfast of a poached egg, fruit and salad at 8am at the hotel and I was STARVING. I focused all of my waning energy on taking my daughter on the same roller coaster over and over.

Finally she said, ‘Can I have an ice cream?’ Of course she can. We’re at a God Damn theme park after months of quarantine, lock downs, not being able to go home, play with her friends….you get it, right? Life looks almost normal right now.

I watched her eat a Häagen-Dazs Cookies and Cream ice cream bar in its entirety. I watched people walking by with their foot-long hot dogs, fries, little pizzas, curry and rice, some hash brown sandwich thing I have never seen before but let me tell you it looked damn good. I looked down at my fresh fruit cup. Day 6 at a theme park doing Whole30 is HARD.

Doesn’t this look yum?

We finally got our table at Tuxedo Restaurant which, you guessed it, is next to the Penguins. You can watch the Penguins as you dine which was super cool and unexpected. I had looked ahead at all the menus at the various restaurants and this was our best shot to sticking to the rules.

Our waiter was extremely patient as I ordered our dishes without grains, dairy, sugar….all in all it was a very good and successful meal out. We did it! We ate out without totally screwing up.

Mixed Organic Salad with Balsamic
Roasted Pepper and Tomato soup we couldn’t eat. (Hidden sugar)
Roasted Chicken and Vegetables with Mushroom Sauce (didn’t eat the sauce, just looked at it, longingly)
Our kind waitor brought this for dessert because we couldn’t eat this….
But my oldest daughter had no problem with. (Not the Häagen-Dazs child, this went to the other daughter.)
And to finish, black coffee. Just like the psychopaths take it.

Because lunch was super late it screwed my eating map of the day and we ended up not having dinner at the park. Problem was, I didn’t have anything available for dinner at the hotel room. (We have the standard hotel room size fridge and yep I get groceries every two days. Fun fun.)

We searched the menus for all of the restaurants at the hotel on the train ride home. We searched the menu of the one remaining restaurant at the airport. We scanned the room service menu. Not a lot of choices.

We settled on the one grill that does steak, potatoes and veggies. Very expensive but we will stay our course.

Then Kevin noticed chicken fajitas on the menu for a 1/3 of the price of a steak. No problem we said to each other and high-fived , we’ll just tell them to hold the tortillas.

Our meals came and one forkful revealed cheese! Mixed into our chicken! Just a bit, but enough that we both feel like we cheated. It was unintentional but still it really sucked. After battling the challenge of the theme park on Whole30 ! And I didn’t have the heart to send it back after already asking for changes to the order so we just ate it. And I was STARVING.

Anyone who has done Whole30, has this kind of day happened to you? Anyway, we are safely tucked back into our hotel room again and we have no plans to venture too far again.

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