The one week mark!

Well it’s day 7 and I feel good! The tiny bit of sneaky cheese doesn’t seem to be affecting me and Kevin only complained about mild indigestion but that’s not unusual for him- hence the recommendation for him to do Whole30 as well.

I had my second Osteopath session today and its a magical mix of hands on therapy; bone adjustment, massage, acupressure but it’s also like a therapy session. I’m lucky my Osteopath leans towards the spiritual side. He radiates kindness and love for humanity as he works, he listens to past traumas and nods, knowingly as he presses on different parts of my body, clearly understanding the connection of trauma induced chronic pain.

When you look for a therapist you try a few, you want to make a connection to ensure your money is well spend and you get the most out of treatment. Same thing goes for Osteopaths, for all things really. I lucked out, I found him first try. He says I was clearly ready to heal. I agree with this.

As for the Whole30 reset which was originally from his recommendation followed by the naturopath appointment after, today was…

Sweet Potato Hash with Eggs


1-2 Sweet Potatoes (use judgment here, they come in all sizes) chopped in small cubes

1/2 yellow onion, chopped

1/2 yellow, red, orange pepper, chopped small

Green onion, chopped to garnish

Avocado, sliced to garnish

1 tablespoon Olive oil

1 tablespoon Thyme

Salt +Pepper to taste

Using the sauté function on my Instant Pot simple fry the first 3 ingredients and thyme until the potatoes are soft. Push aside and crack an egg into the pot.

Cook until desired doneness, season with salt and pepper.

I totally stole this photo from Jessica Gavin because I was in a rush to make my appointment and forgot to take a photo.

Of course if you live in an actual house you can make this using a regular person frying pan.

Cheers to something other then a poached egg!

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