Home Sweet Home

The flight to Canada was surprisingly stress-free and easy. It probably helped that there were only 81 passengers on the Airbus 350 which can carry almost 350 people so the normal crowd was thinned making the lineups, the waiting, the trying to maneuver around people and people trying to maneuver around you add on to that everyone trying to distance socially and you have to recipe for low stress and easy travel. Too bad were not allowed to go anywhere!

With all the uncertainty and constant rule changing I was waiting for something to go wrong. At some point we would be stopped, we would be short a document or requirement and turned around but it never happened.

I break traveling down into steps in my mind. I think I started doing it subconsciously the same way you do so you dont forget anything. Kids, check. Passports, check. Get through security without being searched for contraband, check. Get through customs without interrogation, check. Land without crashing, check. Now add get through Covid-19 screening to the travel checklist. And being a new requirement I was nervous even though I had all the requirements ready to go. You never know if the rules changed while you were in the air and the flight from Hong Kong to Toronto is almost 15 hours. That’s a long time in Covid-19 hours.

I packed a bunch of snacks for the trip and was lucky that both meals on offer we probably 90% whole30 compliant. (Who knows what the sauce is made with). First meal was beef with vegetables and potatoes (I didn’t eat the potatoes) and second meal was chicken breast with vegetables and potatoes. (OK I ate ONE potato. )

I watched as she approached our row, little weaved hostess basket full of full sized Häagen-Dazs ice cream cones. Yes you heard that right, not the little tiny personal sized ice creams they usually hand out. Full sized Häagen-Dazs cones! I quickly said only one please so there would be no hesitation, no chance for her to say, ‘Are you sure?’

The food was okay though. My daughter ate my bun, my little chocolate in a white box. I ate the vegetables she left.

It was strange because normally Cathay Pacific flights are more Asian inspired, meat with rice, fish, so I really lucked out and didn’t have to resort to the can of tuna in my carry on.

Now we are in quarantine, again. We are completely jet lagged and my body doesn’t know what’s going on. I’m hungry at weird hours; we just ate vegetable soup and homemade beef burger patties at 11pm for dinner.

They say it takes a day for each hour time difference. We can usually get to almost normal in about 4-5.

In the meantime we eat at weird hours, play boardgames, we star gaze at 1am, we watch the sun come up just before 6. It’s not all bad.

And I have an actual stove and oven to cook on again!

Disclaimer: Major jetlag =bad writing, possibly incoherent, probably a few missed grammar mistakes or spelling mistakes. Sorry!

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